CBD leaks and spills

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Leaks and spills; it just happens

CBD oil bottles come in various shapes and sizes. These bottles are ideal for storing the CBD oil. However, it sometimes takes some getting used to the correct use of a pipette bottle. Spilling oil happens quickly. Once spilled, the bottle often remains dirty and sticky.

Prevention is better

How do you prevent a bottle from leaking or spilling?

  • Close the bottle tightly.
  • Never go along the edge with the pipette.
  • Make sure there is no oil on the threads of the bottle.
  • Be careful when transporting the bottle.
  • Avoid major temperature changes.

The CBD bottle

All glass bottles used for CBD oil are UV resistant. This means that they block the UV light. The UV light has an adverse effect on the CBD oil. You want to avoid this. We therefore recommend that this oil be stored in a kitchen cupboard so that the oil cannot come into contact with (constant) UV rays.

Along the edge with the pipette

It is such a standard movement that you hardly think about it, but by pulling the pipette along the edge you are already lubricating oil here. This oil goes in the cap and so it continues.You will have a mess in no time.


Cleaning the bottle

If you see that you are spilling it is important to clean it immediately. Otherwise the oil draws in everywhere and the bottle will continue to stain during the rest of the use. This is of course very annoying, so wipe the bottle with a paper towel.

Oil and leaks

It can of course always happen that oil leaks. The big disadvantage of this is that oil always spreads so that it looks like half the bottle has drained. In reality, a droplet or two already discolours the entire label. That is why it is of great importance that the bottle is cleaned immediately when spilled.

Transporting CBD oil

We understand that you also want to have the option to take the CBD oil with you. Whether it’s to work or on vacation, you can continue your healthy habit. CBD oil can be transported, but it is handy to do this in a stable way. Here are a few tips to look out for to minimize the chance of leaks during transportation:

  • Try to transport the bottle upright.
  • Avoid large temperature fluctuations.
  • To be sure, put a sandwich bag around the bottle.

We want to emphasize the last tip in particular. When you transport CBD oil, it is recommended to put it in a sandwich bag. The plastic bag ensures that the oil does not end up in your bag. A leaking bottle is bad enough, but if it starts to drip into your coat or bag, it is even more annoying.

Tips en tricks

So it is certainly possible that the bottles get dirty due to spilling. The most important thing to do first, after spilling, is to thoroughly clean the bottle. This keeps the chance of hands, clothing, bottle and kitchen cupboard getting dirty is as small as possible.

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