At Landracer CBD Solutions, the quality of our products is at the top of the list of our requirements. All our products are tested at independent laboratories in Spain and France.

All Landracer Cannabidiol (CBD) products are made from Organic raw materials from industrial EU hemp.

It’s a family thing to believe in the industrial hemp plant. For years our family has been working with hemp products in Italy and also own their own industrial hemp fields. We believe in quality and love for the product.

The industrial hemp plant has many qualities, but our focus is on the cannabinoids and terpenes that are found in the industrial hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa L).

Introduction Landracer Cserie

What makes our products so unique

All Landracer products are completely natural with no artificial flavors, colors or flavorings. The industrial hemp, which is used in the production of Cannabdidiol (CBD) extract comes from Italy and Spain. Where we can affect the whole process from the seed to the end product.

We also let our oil well testing for pesticides and heavy metals. Many Cannabidiol (CBD) extracts may contain high amounts of heavy metals. What can severely harm long-term health. Our oil has been tested on more than 100 different pesticides and heavy metals and approved. Therefore, our Cannabidiol (CBD) oil with a certificate number for trade and industry.

The cannabinoids are tested in Spain due to the minimal deviation during different tests that have been carried out by the laboratory itself. The laboratory results can be viewed online (click here)

In the Netherlands itself is unfortunately not tested for trade and industry. The Dutch laboratory, commercial and industrial spent this from abroad. This laboratory is one of the few laboratories which is provided with an ISO certification and makes use of HPLC-UV. There are, in the Netherlands, a number of universities that have the right equipment and are fitted with ISO certification. The the relevant universities in addition to the laboratory the only reliable test labs in the Netherlands.