What is the best way to advice my customers ?

150 150 Landracer CBD Solutions B.V.

Different types of oil, different types of people, different types of complaints.

Customers can no longer see the forest for the trees, how can you as a selling party give the consumer good and honest advice about the product that best suits your customer?

The landracer cbd oil has 4 different product lines with different percentages of Cannabidiol.

  • The premium line with the 3.5%, 7%, 10% and 25%
  • the 6% RAW with 1000 mg cbd
  • The C series with 1.25%, 2.5% and the 5%
  • And the care line with 1.25%, 2 , 5% and the 5%

Which line is now suitable for which customer?

The premium line

These oils are available in high percentages because they work with 2 different extracts, the advantage of this is that it can be used for many types of complaints.

Depending on the severity of the complaints, the percentage can be adjusted accordingly. The premium line has a long-lasting effect, but does need some time to build up a correct mirror.

The 3.5% CBD oil has a medium powerful effect, which makes the CBD oil perfect for getting acquainted with our products and the powerful effect.

The 7% CBD oil has a medium powerful effect and lies just between our 3.5% and 10% CBD oils. Making the CBD oil a perfect medium.

The 10% CBD oil is one of the strongest and purest CBD oils there is after our CBD oil 25%, which makes the CBD oil 10% perfect for going one step higher in dosage.

The 25% CBD oil has a strong effect and is one of the most powerful CBD oils on the current market, which makes the CBD oil perfect for use if the customer already has some experience with CBD oil.

The RAW line

The 6% RAW CBD oil has a medium to strong effect, our RAW is equipped with various cannabinoids such as: CBDa, CBGa, CBG.

Because the oil has not been heated, the cannabinoid remains in its original state as the plant intended.

The advantage of this oil is that it works almost immediately and, especially with short-term complaints such as hay fever, migraine and menstrual problems, can already provide relief. The raw version can also benefit from complaints to the organs and intestines.

The Cserie

The C series is one of our newest products and specially designed for athletes and people who need weight loss support.

In addition, research has shown that MCT oil has a favorable influence on neurological problems.

What makes the oil unique is that it is made from MCT oil. In addition to all the benefits that MCT oil offers, it also has a pleasant taste.

The MCT oil is a combination of 2 medium-chain fatty acids, which is called C8 and C10. The MCT oil is extracted from coconut oil.

The Landracer CBD oils from the C series are available in various variations and concentrations. Specially developed for the conscious user who puts his or her health first. In this way the customer can make the choice to dose according to your needs.

The 1.25% CBD oil has a mild to medium effect.

The 2.5% CBD oil has an average effect.

The 5% CBD oil has a medium to strong effect.

The Care lijn

This is a nice combination between cold-pressed hemp seed oil and cannabidiol extract. This updated formula gives a subtle plant taste and will be very pleasant if taken correctly.

This oil is perfect for a novice user or as a dietary supplement for a healthy lifestyle.

Because of the low percentages, it is a powerful oil for a small price. Customers who have never used CBD oil can in this way become acquainted with the wonderful properties of the oil.

The 1.25% CBD oil from the Landracer Care line has a mild to moderate effect.

The 2.5% CBD oil from the Landracer Care line has an average effect.

The 5% CBD oil has an average to powerful effect.

Questions ?

If you have any questions after reading this blog, please feel free to contact us. We also provide training to provide you with the right information so that they can advise the customer in the right way.

We are every working day from 09:00 – 17:00

You can reach us by phone +31251-295117 and of course you can always email us info@landracercbdsolutions.com

If you want to keep this information handy so that you can better advise your customers directly, you can download this text in PDF format by clicking on the button.

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