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CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a substance produced by the hemp plant. The hemp plant contains more than 60 types of cannabidioids. Of these, the substance CBD is the most commonly used in food supplements. However, there are still many questions about CBD and its effects today. Thousands of years ago, the Chinese discovered the CBD and it became very popular there in a very short time and was used for various purposes.

Hell yes! CBD oil is suitable for children of all ages. CBD is not psychoactive and therefore also suitable for children.

We do not recommend giving CBD to young children.

The hemp plant contains more than 60 substances. The two most important of these are without a doubt CBD and THC. CBD stands for Cannabidiol and THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol.

THC is a psychoactive substance, which means that you get high if you take enough of it. This is not CBD and therefore recreational users more often opt for THC oil instead of CBD oil.

THC is prohibited in most countries. Because CBD oil contains less than 0.2% THC, it is legal in most European countries and can be freely traded and used.

Yes, CBD oil is 100% legal in the Netherlands.
However, there is uncertainty about this and that is for the following reason: CBD is sometimes confused with cannabis oil. These products are similar but are actually very different and that makes CBD oil legal and cannabis oil illegal in the Netherlands. Weed oil, which is also called THC oil, contains THC and CBD oil does not contain this. THC is a psychoactive substance that is used for recreational purposes, because it makes you high. This substance is illegal in most countries and therefore THC oil / weed oil is also illegal in these countries.

The CBD oil sold in the Netherlands may legally contain no more than 0.2% THC, a negligible content. With normal use of CBD it has no influence on the ability to drive and may therefore be used in traffic. There are also oils available with a much higher THC content. For these oils it is NOT allowed to participate in traffic.

Due to strict EU legislation, we are severely limited in providing information about the features of our products. Despite all known benefits of CBD, we are not allowed to make medical claims unless they are mentioned in the EU database. If you have specific questions about one of our products, we are happy to provide you with personal advice.

We do not recommend using CBD during pregnancy. Too little research has been done so far into the effect that CBD might have on a pregnant woman or unborn baby.

According to Dutch Customs, drugs and medicines can be taken on holiday without worry, as long as they are not covered by the Opium Act. CBD is fortunately not covered by the Dutch Opium Act and therefore you do not have to worry within the Dutch borders.

Unfortunately, this does not always mean that the rules are the same abroad. That is why it is good to send a message to the customs of the country where you are going. The easiest way is to do this via the website of the airport where you are going.

Not only people, but also animals can benefit from the good properties of CBD products! Landracer has brought very high-quality products to the market, especially for dogs and cats, but smaller pets can also benefit from this.

CBD products are not only suitable for dogs or cats, CBD is also often used for horses.

Absolutely. Elderly people are more often in need of help than target groups of younger ages, therefore CBD could certainly be useful for the elderly. What is important is that the elderly are well informed about CBD products. We often hear that the elderly think that CBD has a psychoactive effect and that they are afraid that the products will make them high. This is definitely not the case and it is important that the elderly also know this.