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RAW CBD oil, what exactly is it? The Landracer RAW has a broad-spectrum cannabinoids and can also be seen as a full spectrum CBD oil.

How does the extraction process work

The extraction process of the RAW CBD oil is different than that of ordinary CBD oil. Normal CBD oil is heated in order to convert the CBDa (acids) into pure CBD, the RAW is not heated. This is to maintain all terpenes, flavonoids and all other plant-own substances.

Multiple cannabinoids

Because the extraction process does not involve any heat, the oil retains the cannabinoid structure that naturally occurs in the hemp plant. As a result, more cannabinoids are present in the oil such as: CBDa, CBG and CBGa.

  • CBDa stands for cannabidiol acids and are just like CBD a substance from the hemp plant. CBDa contains a lot of carboxylic acid, this is common in freshly harvested hemp. When heated, this is transformed in to CBD. Just like CBD, CBDa has no psychoactive effect. CBDa also offers a number of other effects than only CBD.

  • CBG stands for cannabigerol also CBG has several health benefits. CBG is actually a kind of “stem cell” from the hemp plant. This itself is not common in the plant, but ultimately creates other cannabinoids. CBGa (cannabigerol acids) is the inactive form of CBG and therefore changes, it breaks down and becomes the basis for other cannabinoids such as CBD and THC.

Plant own substances

Other plant-own substances such as terpenes, pigments and phonols are also better preserved thanks to the cold extraction process. These substances can be found in all sorts of plant species and contribute to the composition and functioning of the RAW oil.

RAW summary

The Landracer RAW oil has a very broad effect thanks to other acids and cannabinoids and can also be seen as a full spectrum CBD found, our RAW is extremely suitable as a supplement to your daily diet. It does have a sharper taste because many acids have been preserved in the RAW oil. Also, the RAW variant can only be purchased with 6% CBD from us because this is the highest attainable while still containing the acids and other substances.

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