Order & payment process

On our site you can search in our large line of oils, teas and skincare products. In the steps below we have described how our order and pay system works.

1. Shopping cart: Find your product, and select ad to cart.

2. Make a choice: Continue shopping or continue to shopping cart.

3. Your data: Fill in the invoice information so we know where to send the order. Your personal records are used to process the order, and for other purposes which are described in our privacy policy.

4. Choose a payment method: Multiple options of payment, if you choose transfer the product will be shipped as soon as we have received the payment.

5. Complete: Place and pay your order. You will receive a email to confirm your purchase. The product will be delivered within the given period.

Pay safely

During a payment you wil temporarily leave the webshop and be directed to the payment screen of Mollie Online Payment Services. After this you will pay in your own bank or other company environment. Mollie is the payment service provider of our webshop, and meets the strict requirements of MasterCard, Visa and iDEAL concerning the safe processing of creditcard- and iDEAL- payments.

If Mollie has received and checked your payment, we will get a confirmation and we will begin processing your order.Your order confirmation will be sent to your email address. Therefore it is important that you use the right email address. We will let you know that the order procedure was successful and that we have received your order via the order confirmation.

Payment options

As soon as we have received your payment we will start processing and sending your order. In case of a transfer the product is shipped as soon as we receive the payment. We work in cooperation with Mollie. On your statement you will see: St. Derdengelden Mollie bij Landracer CBD solutions B.V.

Pay upfront, ur order will be processed the same day



You can pay your online purchases quick, trusted and easy with iDEAL. You complete the payment in your own trusted bank environment, based on the specific safety methodes of your own bank.

iDEAL is available for customers of the next few banks: ABN AMRO, ANS Bank, Fortis, Friesland Bank, ING, Rabobank, SNS bank, SNS regiobank and Triodosbank. When checking out your order please indicate that you want to pay with iDEAL. Press the iDEAL- pay button and select your bank. Next you wil be directed to your own bank where the payment order will be ready for you and you can authorize the payment. The payed amount will be subtracted immediately and we will be informed that the order is payed.


Paying online with Bancontact is safe and easy. Purchase products with your trusted payment method. All of the benefits of Bancontact, but online!

Bancontact is the Belgium leader in electronic payments. Because Bancontact does more than just online payments, they also take care of pin payments in stores. This is why there a trusted name in Belgium when it comes to payments. Before it was named Bancontact it was called Mister Cash. Payments via Bancontact are guaranteed and are confirmed immediately, the payment can not be reversed by the consumer. On top of all of this payment made via Bancontact are always 3D- secure secured.


Eps-Überweisung is the smartest and safest online way of paying of the Austrian banks. Shop the world wide web trough your trusted online banking.

The payment takes place in the extremely safe and trusted surrounding of your eps bank. This way the customer has a easy yet safe way to shop the internet.

The order in the webshop and the payment keep completely separate. This way your personal information and payment information will have maximum security during the process.


SOFORT Banking is a European payment method which handles payments and donations. Without consumers having to create any extra accounts.

SOFORT Banking is available in 8 European countries. SOFORT Banking is available in Germany, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Poland. It works with most consumerist banks of these countries.

When a customer chooses to pay via SOFORT Banking they will be directed to the online banking surrounding of SOFORT Banking. Here they can choose their land of heritage and the bank they are using. They log in with the same credentials they use for their own bank and will be shown a overview of their accounts. After this they choose from which account they want to pay. When the payment is confirmed you will be sent back to the website. The owner will receive direct feedback over the state of payment.


Przelewy24 service automatically makes payments trough online transfer for more than 327 in Poland. And because of this they are the leaders within their expertise.

Przelewy24 directs their attention directly to delivering top quality applications and professional service to provide the needs of the customers. Due to this they have become leaders of their work field in Poland.

Transactions via the Przelewy24 platform are secured by 3D secure which is verified by VISA oral MAstercard SecureCode.



Quick and easy payments via the Belfius Pay Button, the online payment method of one of the largest banks in Belgium. Within 10 minutes you will receive all of your payments with the Belfius Pay Button.

Belfius is one of the largest banks in Belgium. When paying with the Blefius Pay Button the consumer can complete transactions via online banking op the smartphone app. During payment with the app a QR- code will be scanned. This will fit in al the payment information and the transaction will only have to be sent. Via Belfius Direct Net the user will use the card reader to confirm the payment. When the payment is confirmed it can directly be processed because payment is guaranteed.


Banktransfer is the most popular way of paying in Germany. It is being used in 51% of all purchases online. Giropay is linked to 1500 German banks.

When a customer chooses tho pay with Giropay, the payment will go as followed. The customer selects his or her bank in a list of participating banks. After selecting the customer logs in to the online banking surrounding.

In the online banking surrounding the customer checks the pre filled payment information. If everything is correct the customer will give his permission for the payment. After authorization you will receive a confirmation and the product will ben sent.


The KBC/CBC- payment button is a online way of paying for customers of KBC and CBC. Together they form the largest bank of Belgium. KBC/CBC are targeted to Vlaanderen and Wallonië.

When customers use the KBC/CBC payment method they thereafter choose their bank. Customers will be directed to their trusted online bank surrounding where the payment information is ready. The customer than has the choice to confirm via the card reader or the app by scanning a QR-code. Payment is guaranteed after confirmation, in this way the order can be directly processed.


With SEPA transfers can be done via every EU checking account to every EU checking account. With a transfer the product is sent as soon as the payment is received.

SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area. It was introduced by the European bord the simplify payment traffic in Europe.

SEPA direct debits make it easier to collect from the payers bank account. It can be used to collect from recurring subscription fees and donations, to one0click payments and spread out payments. And all of this is possible in 34 European countries.