The difference between CBD oil and cannabis oil

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The media is paying more and more attention to CBD oil lately, which is of course fantastic, because the more attention is paid to it, the better this is for the consumer and the industry. It is important that the media is not always aware of all the facts and that there is a lot of confusion among consumers.

With this article we try to explain some facts and give correct information about CBD; the different products, possible health effects and advice for the purchase of safe products.

What is the difference between cannabis oil and CBD oil?

CBD oil is made from industrial hemp the Cannabis sativa L. plant. An extract is produced containing various cannabidoids. This extract is mixed with an oil, mostly hemp seed oil or olive oil. The hemp seed oil is pressed from the seeds of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa L.) and is nonpsychoactive. The final CBD oil is rich in cannabidoids and is also not psychoactive (contains less than 0.05% Tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC)). This is legally established.

Cannabis oil is made from the Cannabis indica variety. The extract is mixed with an oil. Products with cannabis oil contain psychoactive substances such as Tetrahydrocannabidiol and are psychoactive. It is forbidden to process THC in food supplements and products with THC are covered by the Opium Act.


Designations such as THC oil, cannabis oil, cannabis oil, hemp oil and CBD oil are sometimes used interchangeably. As a result, it is not always clear what the composition of the oil is.
Sometimes products with psychoactive substances are used, while the consumer aims to experience health-promoting effects of products without psychoactive substances. This can lead to complaints, such as nausea, increased heart rate or hallucinations.

CBD oil – Cannabidiol oil and hemp seed oil are included in food supplements.

Features CBD Cannabidiol oil:

Not psychoactive (less than 0.05% THC)
Meeting food safety requirements
Freely available
Used because of Cannabidiol
Features Hemp seed oil:

Also as a food; oil for salad, smooty and the like.
Health effects based on fatty acid composition
THC oil and Cannabis oil are not covered by food supplements

Characteristics of THC oil and Cannabis oil:

Psychoactive (contains THC)
Medicinal use
Opium Act of Application (prohibited means)
Health effects and medical claims

Supplements with cannabidiol (CBD) are on the market in different doses. Scientific research into the health effects of cannabidiol is promising. At the moment no health claims can be made for cannabidiol.

For hemp seed oil health effects can be mentioned on packaging and in advertising, for resistance, muscles, joints, cholesterol level, heart, normal blood sugar levels and for the protection of healthy cells and tissues. For this one uses 1-2 tablespoons or 2-4 capsules per day.


Dietary supplements are safe to use. CBD oil must meet the strict legislation and safety requirements that apply to food supplements. Examples of these requirements are good hygiene and maximum values ​​of contaminants. The government monitors this and products that are potentially unsafe are being excluded from the market.

You can find the test results on our websites.

Advice consumer

Buy reliable products and pay attention with orders from foreign webshops.
Check that there are no THC or other psychoactive substances in the CBD oil, on the basis of the ingredients list on the packaging and the test results on the website, if these are not available, ask the manufacturer.
Stop using when you experience hallucinations or bad dreams.
Avoid use during pregnancy and lactation.
Observe the recommended daily dose stated on the label.
Not suitable for children younger than 4 years.
Check for laboratory results. Have they been tested by third party and the laboratory is authorized / iso certified.

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CBD is not meant as a medicine replacement. Never stop using your regular medication without discussing this with your doctor! The information given on this website is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace your relationship with a qualified physician or healthcare professional. The information on this website is only intended as a choice aid for people who want to use food supplements as a self-care product. Always consult with your doctor, if you are in a medical procedure, about your CBD use.
For people who do not take medication or walk with a doctor, this information only serves as a choice aid in finding the right CBD Product.We are not doctors and can guide you in making a choice through customer experiences or information what is on the internal

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