What should you pay attention to when buying cbd oil?

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What should you pay attention to when buying cbd oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is getting more and more attention. As a result of the growth, more and more brands are entering the market that do not know exactly what they are doing. That is why it is very important to pay attention to several criteria.

First let’s start with a small checklist that is always useful to see if the brand in question provides enough information about the content of the product.

  • The product has been tested by an independent laboratory
  • The product is provided with a batch number
  • The laboratory results are available to look into
  • The product has been tested at a laboratory for food safety
  • The product contains max. 0,05 <Delta-9 (THC)

* Important to know is that there is no testing in the Netherlands. Accredited laboratories in the Netherlands do not test cannabinoids in the Netherlands but outdoors, because of the Opium Act, which is mainly done in France, Switzerland and Spain.


Now that we have the most important points at a glance, we can move on to the next points you can look at. Cannabidiol oil also called cannabis oil popularly is available in various strengths. Which percentage fits best with you? What matters is the milligrams of cannabidiol that you get inside. Below are some examples.

Example 1
It is on the packaging 10% cannabidiol and about 1000mg extract is used. Then we used a strong Cannabidiol extract that is 100%, think 98-99.8%.

Example 2
The packaging contains 2.8% cannabidiol and about 2800mg extract. Then you can assume that the extract that is used is a paste that is about 10%.

In example 1 there is less cannabidiol extract than example 2 which should you choose now?

In Example 1 there is more active cannabidiol than in Example 2 this is because a higher concentrate of cannabidiol has been used. The first extract was created in a different way and several purification processes continue. The difference can be seen in the color of the oil. The cbd oil of example 1 will be colored and have a light yellow or green color. The cbd oil of example 2 will be very dark, think of dark brown or green. The taste will also be a lot more present than in example 1.

Choose the product that is most equipped with active cannabidiol.


Cheap is often expensive. There are many different cannabidiol products from serious companies to web shops that offer cannabidiol oil at a cheap price that is almost too good to be true. What is the difference and what do you have to pay attention to?

The cheap price on many web shops is often too good to be true. The serious companies have the extract made in laboratories under string requirements which makes the extract very expensive. But you do have a quality guarantee that everything is well tested for food safety. If you buy a product that has not been tested correctly, chances are that a lot of heavy metals will be present in the oil. CBD oil made with CO2 extraction, for example, can contain a lot of heavy metals if it is not properly purified under the right conditions.

In the long run you can become ill because the heavy metals that are present in the product can accumulate in the body. Think carefully before you consume something.

Cannabidiol and medication

Your own health is paramount, therefore we will always recommend to consult with the relevant doctor.


If you have any other questions regarding Cannabidiol (CBD) oil you can always contact us by telephone or via the contact form. We are happy to help you.

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