Which CBD is right for me?

150 150 Landracer CBD Solutions B.V.

The landracer CBD oil knows 4 different product lines with varying percentages of Cannabidiol.

The Premium line with the 3,5%, 7%, 10%, and 25%

  • the 6% RAW with 1000mg CBD

  • the C series with 1,25%, 2,5% en the 5%

  • the care line with 1,25%, 2,5% and the 5%

But which line is best suited for you?

The Premium line

These oils are available in higer percentages and can be used for a lot of different complaints. Depending of the severity of the complaint, the percentage can be adjusted accordingly. . The Premium line has a long- lasting effect, but the body does need some tim te get used to it for it to have the desired effect.

The 3,5% CBD oil has a medium to strong effect, and this makes the oil perfect for getting to know our products and their powerful effects.

The 7% CBD oil also has a medium to strong effect and it is right between the 3,5 and 10% oils which makes this the perfect in between solution.

The 10% CBD oil is one of the strongest and purest CBD oils there is after our 25% oil, this makes it the perfect choice for those who like to take things a step higher.

The 25% CBD oil has a strong effect and is one of the most powerful oils on the current market, this makes it the perfect oil for the more experienced user.

The C series

The C series is 1 of our newest products and especially designed for athletes and people who need weight loss support.

In addition, research has shown that MCT oil has a favorable imact on neurological problems.

What makes this oil unique is the fact that it is based on MCT oil. Besides all of the beniefits MCT oil has it also has a pleasant taste.

The MCT oil is a combination of 2 medium fatty acid chains (triglyceride) C8 and C10. The MCT oil is extracted from coconut oil.

The Landracer C series CBD oils are available in different variations and concentrations. Especially desined for the conscious user who puts his or her healt up front. In this way the customer can make the choice to dose according to his or her needs.

The 1,25% CBD oil has a mild to average effect.

The 2,5% CBD oil has an average effect.

The 5% CBD oil has an average to strong effect.

The Care line

This is a nice combination between cold pressed hemp seed oil and cannabidiol extract. This innovative formula gives a subtle plat taste and can be very pleasant with the right dosage.

This oil is perfect for the starting user or as food supplement for a healthy life style.

Because of the lower percentages it is a poweful oil for a smaller price. Customers who have never used CBD oil can use this line to get to know the wonderful effects of CBD oil.

The 1,25% CBD oil of the Landracer Care line has a mild to average effect.

The 2,5% CBD oil of the Landracer Care line has an average effect.

The 5% CBD oil of the Landracer Care line has an average to strong effect.

The RAW line

The 6% RAW CBD oil has an average to strong effect, our RAW is provided with different cannabinoids such as: CBDa, CBGa, CBG.

Because the oil has not been heated the cannabinoids remain in their original state as the plant intended.

Benefits of this oil is that it works almost instantly and especially with short term complaints such as hay fever, migraine and period complains it can provide relieve. Also the RAW can have benefits for the organs and intestines.

Intake of CBD oil

We from Landracer often get the question whether CBD oil can be mixed with food or drinks.

The awnser is Yes of course it can but the effect will not be optimal because it has to be processed true the stomach which means that about 70% is broken down.

The best way still remains applying the drops under the tongue. Wait after applying the drops for about 60 seconds you wil notice that you wil swallow second to nothing after waiting 60 seconds.

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